Windshield Molding With Tape


  • The DSA tape gives a good adhesion with glass and can withstand the impacts.
  • PVC has good tensile strength.
  • Good tear & abrasion resistance,High impact strength,Low specific gravity,Excellent resistance to chemicals & weathering, Resistance to Low & High Temperatures from -30degC to +140degC
  • having a high resistance to chemicals,has a good tensile strength,High impact resistance, highly impermeable to water,material is semi-rigid. This makes it more likely to bend and flex with an impact.
  • light weight,high corrosion resistance


  • Glass mounted windshield with tape used for sealing of front/rear windshield area with the vehicle body


Properties Value / Value Range UOM Standard Applied
DSA Tape      
PVC Soft and Hard      
Aluminium Strip