ALP is a USD 240 million Group, founded in 1985, is globally acknowledged as the pioneer in Polymer based products in India. The Group has been in the business for 35 years, having 7 state of the art manufacturing units located in India & 2 across Africa and Australia. ALP group constitutes of 11 companies with a presence around the globe and employs over 2,000 trained workforces & 200 expat professionals.


Global Presence

Having strategic footprint across the globe, the Group has been catering to various industries with its wide range of Polymer extrusion & Molded products. With a clear focus on Innovation & Sustainability, the group is also fully aligned with the emerging requirements at a large level and creating its mark with the quality products that bring value to our customers.

India Presence

Having deep roots in the country, the company is fully in sync with the Make in India initiative. Our 7 Manufacturing plants across the country and DSIR approved R&D Centers ensure that we are fulfilling all the domestic requirements, producing import alternatives, and maximizing exports.


Our primary mission is to become one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of automotive weather strips, rubber and plastic products in India by manufacturing superior quality products and creating confidence among the customers. At ALP Group, we nurture a commitment to the customer-centric innovation that demands deep knowledge of the markets we serve. Functioning as a team, we always focus on the innovation combined with the top-notch technology that delights our customers and fuels our growth.

Mr. I. S. Anand
Chairman, ALP Group