Product & Process design is extremely important for the ALP Group. With multiple ultra-modern Design and Development center with self-invented methodologies for optimal reinforcement of structures, digital design and manufacturing of reinforced rubber products, the Group has capability to optimize data and accordingly design flawless products and also sealing system from BIW data provided by the customers.

Design optimization is done using state of the art simulation software. In-house tool design, Manufacturing in CNC Tool Room are our specialization areas that help us with shortening the lead time.

The design capabilities are fulfilled with the use of advanced software like Creo Parametric (Pro E), Catia, Abaqus, Hypermesh, AutoCAD, etc. along with facilities for conducting testing and validation checks. The company strives hard for new product development, betterment in existing products, Formulations of newer rubber materials, cost reductions by adopting advanced technology and designing capabilities.