ALP Nishikawa

ALP Nishikawa, a 50:50 joint venture with Nishikawa Rubber Co. of Japan (NRC) is the leading manufacturer of TPE, PVC & EPDM weather strips and Seals in India.

It is a design capable company which can provide wholistic sealing solutions from front bumper to rear bumper in-house. The company has innovation at its core which results in excellence & dynamism in the product offerings.


  • Door Mounted Sub Seal EPDM/ Sponge with special coating

  • Lower Sash
    EPDM, Slip coated/Flocked

  • Outer Belt Line Seal
    Soft TPV lip co-extruded with polypropylene Flock slip-coat

  • Door Mounted Main Seal
    EPDM Foam bulb Co-extruded with special coating Mounting with DA tape / Pins

  • Inner Belt Line Seal
    Soft TPE lip co-extruded with polypropylene+ TPV Slip Coat

  • Glass Run Channel
    High performance TPV rubber base. Variety of Slip-coat choices -Co-extruded TPV slip-coat Flock Spray-on-coating Corners of in'ection moulded TPV

  • Rocket Panel
    Co-extruded EPDM OR hard / soft TPE

  • Body Mounted Main Seal
    EPDM + EPDM Sponge+Metal with perfomance coating

  • Center Pillar
    Co-extruded hard mounting

  • Quarter Window Seals
    EPDM / TPE Injection moulded

  • Trunk/Tail Gate Seal
    EPDM / Sponge bulb Co-edtruded dense with metal carrier with / without masti

  • Rear Window Seal
    TPE with Injection moulded corners

  • Sunroof Seal
    EPDM + Sponge / TPE with or without DA Tape

  • Roof Ditch Seal
    Hard soft TPV extrusion

  • Wind Shield Seal
    Dense EPDM / TPE with injection moulded corners

  • Bottom Windshield / Cowl Seal

  • Hood-to-Cowl
    EPDM / SPONGE Push Pin attachment Co-extruded dense foot for flange mount

  • Hood-to-Radiator
    EPDM / SPONGE Push Pin attachment

    EPDM / Nitrile Rubber Insulation Pipes Fire Rating: BS 476 Part 7

  • Design & Development

    Product design and development department has capability to optimize body panels data and to design flawless sealing system from BIW data provided by customers. Design optimization is done using state of the art simulation software. In-house tool design, Manufacturing in CNC Tool Room are our specialization areas to shorten the lead time.

    Research & Development

    ALP Nishikawa's R&D Centre at Lalru, Punjab is Govt. recognized wherein all the research & testing activities are conducted starting from Raw Material (Like Polymer, carbon process oil, etc.) to the final parts taking into consideration the global testing standards.

    Product & Process Design

    D&D holds primary importance towards assisted and focused growth. For this, ALP Nishikawa has an ultra-modern Design and Development centre with self-invented methodologies for optimal reinforcement of structures, digital design and manufacturing of reinforced rubber products.


    Innovation is the source of value creation for the company. The Innovation Management (IM) program at ANCO integrates the best formal education, ongoing research, and industrial practice to provide our managers that sustain superior business performance and meet customer needs.


    ALP Nishikawa has 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located in Punjab, Gurgaon and Gujarat with a total built up area of 56,000 Sq Meters and 1 plant in South Africa. The vertically integrated facilities have all the processes in-house including Compounding, Extrusion and Moulding.

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