U-PVC CLAD. U-PVC Clad is a new type of light, clean, anti-acid and anti-alkali, durable insulation covering material for tube and equipment. It is suitable for the GMP and FDA requirement and it is the covering protection product specialized for insulation material against the mechanical damage and outdoor weather resistant. This product supplies the economic and effective protection for the insulation material. It is easy to install. U-PVC Clad is a kind of special PVC material, which has the perfect performance of anti-UV, anti aging and anti tear strength, it belongs to the nonflammable material, used for varies tubes and equipments insulation/ covering protection of cooling system. It can replace all kinds of metal covering materials and applied in the field of pharmacy, food, chemical electronic, commercial and industry etc

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U-PVC Clad can be widely used in commercial, industrial and civil indoor/ outdoor. The colorful U-PVC Clad is not good for outdoor. The adoptable covering tube and equipment temperature range for U-PVC Clad is from -37 C to 260 C, but the surface temperature of the insulation layer should be less than 66 C (National standard is less than 50 C).


1.            UPVC Jacketing is anti-corrosive and has long life span.  Anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-UV, anti aging and weather resistance.

2.            UPVC Jacketing has clean and beautiful finish- good toughness, anti pressing, flushing, seamless.


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