SILVER CLAD. Silver Clad is a perfect solution for the jacketing of insulated pipes, ducts, boilers and equipment. A product that combines optimal physical properties, hundred percent water tightness and vapour barrier, resistance against climatic influences with appealing appearance and easy installation. This innovative jacketing system is the first product of its kind that is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, in cold and wet climate as well as in hot and dry climate with intense exposure to sunlight. Silver Clad is replacing costly and complex processible-aluminium and stainless-steel sheet facings and has already started to revolutionize the insulation industry worldwide.

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Silver Clad is a double layer laminate of aluminum, coated with a special UV protection and a PVC backing. This system is highly puncture and tear resistant as well as flame retardant and can be used for exterior and interior facing of hot and cold insulation. It combines an excellent vapour barrier with water tightness.


1.            Silver Clad Jacketing, made out of a unique and proprietary construction of several layers, is providing numerous advantages.

2.            Upto 50% installation time reduction leads to large installation cost savings.

3.            Silver clad jacketing is easily installed with just a few simple tools.

4.            The light weight of silver clad jacketing grants easy transportation and handling on site.

5.            Silver clad is saltwater resistant, food safe and highly resistant against chemicals.

6.            Mechanical tensions impact and further forces can be absorbed without deformation or damage due to the durable and the unique memory effect of silver clad jacketing.

7.            Silver clad is available as a complete cladding system including fittings, accessories and tools.

8.            The high UV resistance and physical durability of ALP Silver Clad jacketing is making it the perfect choice for any climatic conditions.

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