AEROCELL-AM (ANTI MICROBIAL). Light weight, flexible, elastomeric, Class O, nitrile foam insulation available in sheets as well as tubes ideal for HVAC projects and industrial applications

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Class O nitrile rubber insulation suited for the following applications

A) Duct Insulation 

B) Clean Room Application

C) Anti-Microbial

D) Cold Storage Application 

E) Raised Floor Insulation 

F) Under slab, Transport Segments

G) AC Unit Insulation (Internal Insulation of units, evaporators etc.)

H) General Thermal Insulation


1.            Excellent insulation properties due to low K –value, that remain unchanged during service life time of hot cold insulation and are unaffected by humidity.

2.            The closed cell structure will not absorb or allow the spread of water, thus preventing condensation or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water & refrigerant lines. No additional water vapor barriers are required.

3.            Supplied with reinforced aluminum foil, for increased performance and quicker installation. Adhesive backing is also available.

4.            Wide working temperature (-40 Deg C to 115 Deg C)

5.            Thinner gauges can be used to achieve effective insulation due to low K value and high water vapor diffusion resistance (µ).  This also allows the use of material in areas with space limitation.

6.            Bio-Flex material is provided with Steritouch additive which is EPA & USFDA approved anti-microbial agent & water vapor diffusion resistance(µ) ≥ 10,000 

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