Acoustic underlay is a soundproofing material manufactured from high quality EPDM rubber. This sound proofing acoustic having high density open cell structure for effective sound insulation

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The sanded finish and smooth texture of the EPDM acoustic underlay enables the resilient flooring to be installed directly to underlay without the need for separation layers



Interlocking and Plain type EPDM acoustic underlay is widely used in developments where effective sound control is essential and interior design flexibility is a priority like in the following application situations:

·         Apartments

·         Educational Developments

·         Commercial Developments

·         Leisure Developments

·         Architectural Projects


UV resistant, anti bacterial and anti fungal, easy to install and remove from flooring, highly sustainable and completely recyclable, long term performance without collapse and bottoming out under high point loads , zero GWP and ODP, suitable for all floor finishes including ceramic, granite, marble tiles and wooden flooring.

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