13- Nov 2017


EPDM i.e. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer based Closed Cell Elastomeric Insulation is garnering a lot of attention in the Insulation & HVAC industry. AEROFLEX EPDM Insulation has the distinction of holding GREENGUARD Certificate of compliance. This means that it has met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in indoor air.

The company shall be showcasing its new generation products in the upcoming ACREX Exhibition in February 2018 at Bangalore.

Salient features of AEROFLEX EPDM are:

1. It is classified as a non-polar material which is highly water resistant. This facilitates a low & stable thermal conductivity of the insulation material throughout its life span.
2. It does not need any anti microbial additives. The chemical composition is such that it does not support growth of germs, fungi, vermin, microbes etc. Hence, it is ideally suited for Pharma, Food Industry, Healthcare & Hospitality.
3. Zero Nitrosamine content (Non-Carcinogenic) according to USFDA test standards.
4. AEROFLEX EPDM does not have any Chlorine, Bromine/Halogen content which release toxic gases upon burning. Instead it has Aluminium Tryhydrate as a flame retardent which releases H2O.
5. Excellent UV and weather resistance, mechanical strength, flexible, ideal for VRF/VRV, Chilled Water applications.
6. Non Copper Corrosion/ Under Insulation Corrosion: Contains negligible amount of Sulfur thereby preventing corrosion on copper & stainless steel tubes.
7. Flame & Smoke Proof: AEROFLEX is specially formulated to meet and exceed all international fire norms & standards such as ASTM E84 Class A, UL94 V0, JIS K6911 Non Flammable, EMPA 5.3, DIN 4102 B2, BS476 Part 6&7 ASTM D635.
8. It is also certified by FM Approved, IMO, Warrington Fire, ROHS, ASTM G 21/2180 and CBRI.

Due to its wide array of superior properties & tremendous potential EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited – a joint venture company of PSU’s of Ministry of Power, Govt. Of India) also mandates use of EPDM insulation for Split Air Conditioners Refrigerant Piping under its flagship Super Energy Efficient Inverter Air Conditioner program.

The ALP Group has been founded and mentored over by Mr. Iqbal Singh Anand for over three decades now. This humble entrepreneur of the 1980’s has succeeded in creating a mass impact in giving the best quality insulation products & creating a successful business empire encompassing 10 group companies in India & abroad under the ALP brand. ALP Aeroflex India Private Limited is a joint venture between Eastern Polymer Industries of Thailand & ALP Overseas Private Limited of India for the manufacturing of EPDM sheets, tubes & accessories for the Heating, Ventilation, Air- Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC & R) Industries under the brand name of ALP Aeroflex.

ALP Aeroflex offers a complete range of insulation products and accessories. These include Class ‘O’ closed cell elastomeric nitrile & EPDM rubber sheets, tubes in various lengths, thicknesses and dimensions, special products such as Accosound, Accofoam for acoustic applications. Anti-Microbial, high strength, high temperature withstanding, self sealing pre slit tubes for customized applications. The accessories range includes flexible ducts, aluminum tapes, insulation support systems, adhesives, paints etc. ALP Aeroflex range of insulation products covers the following, duct insulation, general thermal insulation, chilled water piping insulation, AC unit insulation, roof insulation, under deck, refrigerant piping, cold storage, raised floor, solar plumbing application, under slab, VRF/VRV , transport segment AC units. Also available are aluminum foil lamination, glass cloth lamination, self adhesive coating over both pipe sections & sheets.

The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. Amidst this growing market, a conscious and knowledgeable buyer opts for products which give a higher degree of return of investment. AEROFLEX EPDM is one such product, perfect for the country’s booming HVAC & R industry.